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Quality is the Mantra of BioMed Proofreading®

BioMed Proofreading® LLC attributes its success to its service quality, including its copyediting, translation, turnaround time, and customer service. One key feature is its 11-year history documenting its superiority over many competitors around the globe. Another is its clients’ satisfaction of its service quality. Our clients have commented on our service via the following three modalities:

Client feedback: The Testimonials page lists our clients’ testimonials from their emails (with screenshots of the emails dating back to 2009). Many new clients are referred by their friends/colleagues, either by word of mouth or social media (such as a personal Facebook page or blog).english-editing-review

Client acknowledgements: included in their publications (by searching “BioMed Proofreading” in Google Scholar search, 196 results can currently be found). An average 20 clients per year acknowledge our services in their publications.

Client rating: Since September 2013, our clients have been able to rate our services in, which is a website that displays client satisfaction. Overall, our service has achieved a five star rating.

Our impressive degree of client satisfaction would not have been possible without our excellent editors. We only accept editors with a PhD or MD degree who have as strong background in biomedical fields, Acceptance as an editor initially requires a CV review and contact of their references. If these meet our high standards, then their editing skills are tested. A particular manuscript will be assigned to a particular in-charge editor who has the academic background and research experience in the manuscript topic. We are continuing to recruit additional qualified editors to expand the spectrum in terms of scientific specialties.


Chun Biao Li, MD, MS

November 11, 2014

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