BioMed Proofreading Copyediting Academic Manuscripts in Life Science

Founded in 2003 in the USA, BioMed Proofreading® (BMP) is a leading English language copyediting company that focuses on copyediting academic manuscripts in the life sciences. We comprise medical and other life science professionals who have extensive experience as authors and evaluators of peer-reviewed biological and medical journals. All our editors are native English speakers (either British English or American English) and hold either a Ph.D. in the life sciences, pharmacology, or chemistry; some hold an M.D. and some hold both a Ph.D. and M.D. Please review our editor list for their specific areas of research. Our editors are familiar with scientific terminology and are able to comprehend your material and convert it into structurally and grammatically correct English so that your research will have the maximum opportunity of acceptance for publication.

For more than a decade, we have provided English correction services for scientists around the globe, and we are proud to have earned a stellar reputation. This status was the result of evaluation of our product by several peer-reviewed journals and academic/medical institutions, which led to them recommending our services.